The Practical Toker is Chuck Weismiller, a marijuana activist from Kansas City.

Chuck currently works with Johnson County NORML as the Deputy Director of their chapter. He also contributes to the JoCoNORML website as a resident blogger. Chuck has had numerous pieces published on the subject of marijuana law reform and considers himself a master of marijuana history.

The Practical Toker was started in March of 2010 as a venue for Chuck’s pro marijuana stance. Since it’s inception, The Practical Toker has had readers from all across the globe and has achieved over 800 page-views.

Not too shabby for his personal blog, eh?

The name ‘Practical Toker’ came from the header over his first letter about marijuana, published in the Phoenix New Times wa-ay back in 2002. Chuck liked the name and stuck it on his web page.

Chuck currently works two jobs, is an active family man, and skateboards in his free time.

Chuck can be reached at: