If you made it this far, I hope you read part 1: Rules For Dealing With Politicians. This is part two, which will be dealing with the easiest way to get active in any movement in modern time…

Yeah, what he said...

Chapter 2: Internet Activism

Activism comes in many forms. From those who attend meetings and rallies to those who just are vocal about their views; it’s all activism. And it takes many different forms of activism to elicit change.

Internet Activism

Internet activism can be something as simple as voting in an online poll. Or using a one click link to e-mail your reps. Internet activism is popular as it can be done sitting on your couch eating Cheetos and watching ‘Mannequin II’ (I ain’t one to judge, folks…) It’s definitely the easiest way to get your voice heard.

Communication plays a strong part in any movement. Vocalizing the message to the masses is probably the most important goal of a movement. Ya gotta get the people on your side. We used to find political debates reserved to bars and coffee shops, now they’re everywhere on the net. And you can always find a forum to voice your views on the world wide web. (Hell, start a blog or something, just help spread the word.

Recently, President Obama answered a question on YouTube about marijuana legalization. The fact that he answered that question was directly a result of internet activism. YouTube users were allowed to both post a question and vote on what questions for Obama to answer. From UPI.com :

More than 193,000 people submitted nearly 140,000 questions and cast almost 1.4 million votes by midnight Wednesday, the submission deadline, a United Press International review indicated. This is 10 times last year’s 14,000 questions, the first year YouTube hosted an Obama interview.

The top 10 questions all involved ending or changing the government’s war on drugs, legalizing or decriminalizing marijuana and embracing industrial hemp as a “green” initiative to help farmers, the UPI review found.

Internet activism is both necessary and efficient. However, for written activism in any media to be effective, it must be well done. That means well thought out, eloquent arguments. That means no net speak. No abbreviations. Take the time to write up a clear and concise argument.

Of course, you can also use the internet for media activism, but that’s another blog. Just suffice to say they go hand in hand with the advent of self broadcasting. ‘You can’t have one without the other’ as the old song goes.

Of course, no matter how much of an internet activist you are, you still need to vote. Voting is your biggest weapon in your arsenal of change.

-Legalize It!-