>More on the Lisa Kirkman’s Oregon-Gate.

So, Lisa Kirkman, the lady that recently got her son back from forcible custody in Oregon, is being sued for the cost of that custody.

After being separated from her son Noah for two years, the state of Oregon has the balls to sue Mrs. Kirkman for $7,400. However,the Interjurisdictional Support Order Act required Judge Gordon Burrell to delay the matter.

From The Vancouver Sun:
A notice of motion is being brought forward by the state in Calgary provincial court Tuesday under the Interjurisdictional Support Orders Act. Daniel Mol, Lisa Kirkman’s lawyer, noted the state and province have reciprocity — an agreement where actions such as this can be represented in court in either jurisdiction.
Kirkman’s lawyer has said that if the judge rules for them they will seek the state of Oregon to cover legal fees and expenses.

(Check out thisarticle by Daniel Mol from The Calgary Herald.)

Okay, enough with the facts and references. Time for the sheer unadulterated opinions. This is crap. Total crap. This is nothing short of a kidnapper charging its victim for room and board. I’m ashamed of you, Oregon.

It’s sad too. I love Oregon. I don’t live there but I plan on moving there in the not too distant future. I think the land is beautiful, the people original, and the politics more my style. I look forward to living in the land of Mount Hood, Burnside Skatepark, and close proximity to the Emerald Triangle. However when I read about this case, it sickens me. It makes me wonder about the ‘gummint’ in Oregon. Makes me second guess moving there.

I already believe that CPS in America does more harm than good and needs a serious overhaul. True, CPS does protect some children from horrible situations of abuse and neglect. Frequently, I’m sure that CPS has saved children’s lives. However, just as frequently, they try to ruin families. Despite their ‘policy’ of trying to keep families together, often they try to separate perfectly good families.

I know this from the Kirkman case as well as my own history. When I was a child the local CPS tried to remove us from custody 5 or 6 times. My parents had their flaws, all do. More importantly, they were loving, caring, and nurturing people who managed to produce a rather eloquent blogger. My parents were good parents, however the local CPS tagged them for various reasons. I remember being six years old and being asked by a police officer if I wanted to leave my family. The reason? My dad had spanked me, barehanded, in a parking lot. I was terrified at the prospect of leaving my family and told the officer, ‘No’. Even at 6, I had enough sense to know my family was better than the alternative.

Plus, where’s the Canadian government been in all this? What’s Stephen Harper been up to lately instead of showing some cojones on behalf of his constituency? Oh yeah, he’s been visiting federal funded projects. Well, at least like our president, he doesn’t have his priorities straight.

I plan on continuing to follow this story as it develops. Good luck, Mrs. Kirkman. I’m rooting for ya.

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