>The Prince of Pot has been sentenced to 5 years in a penitentiary for selling marijuana seeds. Marc Emery was sentenced on Friday to a previously agreed upon plea bargain for 5 years in jail for selling cannabis seeds from his business in Canada. In Canada, selling seeds is considered a minor offense punishable by a small fine. However, if those seeds are sold to US citizens?

Then it’s a felony. At least in the USA government’s eyes. Of course, as we all know, Marc’s real crime was spending his profits on funding cannabis reform. Former DEA head Karen Tandy admitted this in this press release from when Marc was captured.

So, Marc Emery is serving time for breaking a law that is a misdemeanor in his own country and a law that the people of this country generally don’t support. Where are the Tea Partiers now as we waste thousands to imprison a non violent offender. Talk about fiscal irresponsibility!

September 18 th is the Worldwide Free Marc Rally. Go to Free Marc and see if your city is participating. Here in KC, we are having our annual Hempfest on the 18, but I’m planning on holding up a Free Marc sign for an hour on a street corner. After all Marc has done for the movement, it’s the least anybody can do.

Even though I do not know Marc personally, I still consider him a homie. I consider Marc a brother in arms. A brother in arms currently behind bars as an attempt to silence him. So right now, I got a homie rotting in a cell on a bullshit charge. I don’t know about you, but that pisses me off. And when one of my homies is done wrong? I take to the streets. I get loud. I make mothafuckas pay attention.

Click hereto find out a about the JoCo Free Marc Rally. And if you’re local, come join us at The Jack Herer Memorial Hempfest on the 18th from 12PM to dusk. Come celebrate our heroes, our herb, and our homies.

Legaliz it!