Check out this story from The Fresno Bee. It’s basically covering the whole ‘cops versus cops debate’ on Prop 19. I found the overall tone of the article to be a bit biased in the opponent camp, but you be the judge.

Anyway, it lists the cop organizations that both support and oppose Prop 19. Some of the more notable ones who’d vote yea on Prop 19 include:39 sheriffs and 33 police chiefs, and organizations including the California Police Chiefs Association, the California State Sheriffs’ Association, the California Narcotic Officers Association and the California District Attorneys Association. The proponent side includes judges on down the line to patrolmen, most retired. This is hinted towards in the Fresno Bee article that this is a bad thing. However, most officers who agree with L.E.A.P. must not voice their opinions until out of service due to fear of reprisals from superiors set on maintaining the status quo.

I’d like to do L.E.A.P. a favor and refute some of the opposition’s claims right here. First off, we have Fontana Police Chief Rodney saying, ‘The initiative has too many legal loopholes and will cause too much chaos, and put the public’s safety and our communities at risk.’

Chaos? Stoners… cause chaos? When I think of drugs that cause horrible impulse control and extra energy, I certainly don’t think of marijuana. Pot smokers are not a cause of chaos. We tend to like to smoke the reefer and just be one with the world. Almost sounds like the anathema to chaos. Almost zen, if you can dig it. The whole legal loophole thing I discussed here. As to the safety issue, what is the exact threat to public safety? How is the possibility of a stoned driver a bigger threat to California than the drug cartels shooting each other in the middle of the street? How do you justify the 28,000 Mexican dead over our domestic policy? Seems like your communities are already at risk, California.

Can’t help but mention that the law enforcement officials against Prop 19 are in bed with Big Alcohol. Which begs one to wonder; How do cops oppose a
substance that is safer than alcohol, while supporting something that leads to around 3 million violent crimes a year? Who’s really looking out for public safety?

It seems like the age old motto ‘Serve and Protect’ has fallen by the wayside. If the police were really looking out for the public’s interest they would be adamantly backing Prop 19 much like L.E.A.P. If police really wish to see crime decrease they would be supporting this act. You have to wonder why more active Police Chiefs don’t speak up for this measure.

Until you realize how much the prison industry depends on pot arrests.

Next, we have Pleasant Hill Police Chief Pete Dunbar saying,
“If Proposition 19 passes, our workplaces and roadways will be in danger, our cities and counties will not benefit economically, and a huge burden will be placed on local law enforcement…”

First off, what ‘huge burden’? A bigger burden than upholding a draconian law against a victimless crime? Seems like it would make their jobs easier, not harder.

As for municipalities not benefiting… well, lets just call that the horse manure that it actually is. The California Board of Equalization has predicted
$1.4 billion dollars could potentially be gained from tax revenue if Prop 19 were to pass. Okay, so your town getting a piece of that change isn’t beneficial? What is a good thing in Dunbar’s head? A tire iron to the face?

He also resorts to intellectual dishonesty of pretending that the D.W.I. laws will change. Police will still be able to apprehend intoxicated drivers under the new law. As for the work thing? Really? Nowhere in this act does it require jobs to provide smoke breaks. It also allows an employee’s dismissal for using marijuana on the clock or coming into work impaired, just like alcohol. It just doesn’t allow your job to dictate what you do in your time. Many anti-19 campaigners circle back to this fallacy.

This debate will keep heating up as November approaches. We’ll see who does a better job of getting their message out. I’m putting my money on the Prop 19 guys.

Legalize it!