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SEATTLE (AP) – A musician who was denied a liver transplant because he used marijuana with medical approval under Washington state law to ease the symptoms of advanced hepatitis C died Thursday.

IF you choose to use this the system might deny you a much needed transplant...

The death of Timothy Garon, 56, at Bailey-Boushay House, an intensive care nursing center was confirmed to The Associated Press by his lawyer, Douglas Hiatt, and Alisha Mark, a spokeswoman for Virginia Mason Medical Center, which operates Bailey-Boushay.

Dr. Brad Roter, the physician who authorized Garon to smoke pot to alleviate for nausea and abdominal pain and to stimulate his appetite, said he did not know it would be such a hurdle if Garon were to need a transplant.

My fellow canna-commando, Wendy at KCNORML, posted this on her wall. This is the following comment exchange, since I can count it as a blog post. Filler, but still. Anyway:

Karinda —– Sad. It is stupid for recreational marijuana to be illegal, but it is EVIL and CRUEL to keep MEDICAL marijuana illegal, and to discriminate against those who need their medicine. I don’t see how people could be dumb enough to think medical marijuana is dangerous, they have to be sick and evil people who care about nothing but greed.
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Kathryn —– i hate people
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Chuck ‘D’ Weismiller
Add one more name to the rolls of our dead. And they wonder why we fight for this… It’s not simply ‘because I wanna get high’, there are people dying over this! And that’s not even counting the millions of people who have died thanks to the Big C, which might have been prevented if our medicine was legal.

This is exactly the main reason that I fight for cannabis. I look at prohibition to be indirect genocide. And the people responsible must have their Nuremberg Trials.

There will be retribution for our fallen.

And I stand by that.

-Legalize It!-