First off, if you’re an active canna commando and listen to podcasts, be sure to check out Marijuana Radio. The guys over there are hilarious, informative, and edgy. Definitely an awesome two hours. The reason I bring up MJR is this: one of their legal grower friends got raided the other night. Unfortunately, I don’t have much more about it, but it does lead me into the ‘topic du jour’. Ya see, the guy in question has children.

If you didn’t shudder immediately at that revelation, you should. Because, if they ‘gummint’ wants to, they can take your kids away if you’re having anything to do with this culture of ours. You could be ‘father of the year’, it don’t matter to them. To them, you are nothing but a drugged up criminal who lacks the ability to raise a child.

Check out the Noah Kirkman case in Oregon. Go Ahead. Google it. I won’t delve into this now, since Noah is now back home, but it illustrates the very real risks that we all take, every day.

Are you a bad parent if you smoke pot? For that matter, are you a bad parent if you drink? How about if you smoke cigarettes? Pills? Freakin’ coffee? Where’s the line, and who draws it? I opine, (yes it is a word, look it up) that doing any of these does not make you a bad parent. Being a bad parent makes you a bad parent. You could be completely sober and still be a horrible father or mother and you could be a pot smoker and be a great parent.

Also, since I believe that cannabis is a medicine and infinitely safer than alcohol, I am a good parent for setting a good example. One could argue that abstaining from all drugs would be a better example, however those people would tell me that as they smoked their cancer sticks and took another drink of their beer. Those ‘sober’ folks are the first one to tell you to go take an aspirin for a headache.

I also feel that being direct and honest with your kids will help them make good life choices. I lean honest, though. Not propaganda like DARE. Truth. Facts. Kids respect what you say if you are honest with them, instead of being deceitful. If you really want your tykes to be ‘drug free’, tell them about coffee. Tell them about cigarettes. Don’t give them the whole ‘drugs AND alcohol’ bit. Be real and tell them it’s all drugs, every damn pill, smoke, and drink.

While you’re at it, tell them the truth about pot. Tell them that it’s relatively harmless. Obviously don’t condone it, but don’t use lies and fear to try and control it. Like Moms always said, honesty is the best policy.

To quote Michael Franti and Spearhead, We need to heed the words of Dalai Lama… or at least, the words of yo’ momma.”

Legalize It!