>Everywhere I go, people are talking about this alcohol bill. At the gas station they tell me that this bill will stimulate job growth and allow more convenience and brand selection for alcohol consumers. On the other hand, I’m getting mailers from my local liquid store telling me how this bill will ruin family owned liquor stores and allow big box stores to dominate the market.

Meanwhile, we have HB2250 in legislature which will further criminalize marijuana.

So, at the same time that we are debating making alcohol more accessible, we’re working on a law to arrest more marijuana consumers.

For the uninformed, marijuana is way safer than alcohol. Alcohol is associated with alcohol poisoning, addiction, cirrhosis, violent crimes and drunk driving, along with the possibility of cancer. Marijuana has never been implicated solely in an overdose death, nor does it lead to withdrawal symptoms such as Delerium Tremens as is the case with booze. While drugged drivers are a real issue, we already have many stoned drivers and the number of drugged driving wrecks hasn’t increased. Cannabis reacts differently in the brain than alcohol making the user less prone to violence, or indeed, anger in general. Cannabis has been proven many times to shrink cancerous tumors, and when eaten or vaporized exclusively, doesn’t cause any cancers.

So why are we sending young people the message that drinking isnt only socially acceptable, but there needs to be more of it! Why are we even debating this bill to allow easy access to a poison when marijuana is still criminalized?

Priorities, people.