Senator Pat Roberts was smoking grapevines instead of reefer back in the day...

So, it’s a beautiful spring day, March 6th and I’m sitting on a park bench disseminating my conversation with Senator Pat Roberts, Senator Jerry Moran and congressman Congressman Kevin Yoder. Seems they were in town for a ‘town hall’ meeting at JCCC to hear the thoughts, complaints, and ‘Kansas common sense’. And my manic tirade for marijuana legalization.

After a half hour of introductory remarks, a few jabs at the Dems, and the usual Republican tirade to cut the entitlement programs, the three stepped to the plate for questions. After some questions about energy policy and national security, a poor liberal tried to make his point. Big mistake… yelled down by the assembled Republicans, politicians non withstanding. After one or two more questions Senator Moran saw my hand was still raised and made eye contact with me. I smiled, and it was understood I was the next one.

Yep. Ya boy, Chuck ‘D’, aka The Practical Toker, called out our Senators and a congressman about marijuana.

I think my recorder ran outta juice (which sucks… it was a little bit of a manic rambling, but it was mostly coherent), but still… I just addressed three g-men! I did my best and recalled the everything I could about marijuana. About the ease of access for kids, all of the wasted spending, the non addictive properties of cannabis, and the fact that it’s more dangerous than alcohol or cigarettes. It was a mouthful, and I was shaking the whole time, but I went there. (to scattered clapping) and support.)

Senator Roberts answered my question about how he feels about marijuana with a rather wry joke about smoking grapevines… Anyway, he said that his main concern was the ‘gateway myth’. I didn’t try to debate since I’ve got a little class and the room would’ve torn me apart. I made my point. That some people in Kansas are NORML.

Anyway, Yoder, Roberts, and Moran all know that Kansans support marijuana reform. They may not, but we do.

And we’re working hard to change their minds.

-Legalize It-