>6 Reasons Why Cannabis Prohibition is Stupid (In List Form!)

6-Um… It’s A Plant??

Yeah. This should be a no brainer. Cannabis is a plant, a weed in fact. What’s the general rule about weeds? They’re hardy and they grow anywhere. This makes concentrated eradication attempts difficult if not impossible. Especially when you add in the people growing it on purpose… And taking great pains to hide their stash.

It’s not such a simple matter of killing marijuana. First, you must find it. Which costs law enforcement time and money. Time and money that could be better spent on capturing criminals. Such as rapists, drunk drivers, that idiot in the truck that cut me off today; in short people in need of justice.

We’ve been actively eradicating marijuana for 70 years. Is it now hard to find some herb? He’ll no. Every time they burn a field, two more are planted. This is not a chemically altered drug that needs a complicated, it’s a plant. All you need to make some weed is some dirt and a seed. ’nuff said.

5-Pot Is Safer Than Alcohol.

There have been over 20,000 studies on marijuana. Almost all of them came back with the belief that cannabis does far less damage than legal intoxicants. Weed’s medical value has been proven time and time again. The most important result of these studies? The fact that cannabis is safer. Than cigarettes. Than alcohol. Than water!

4- Prohibition creates a black market.

Once upon a time there were a bunch of small time crooks. A substance in their town became illegal, however there was still a market for it. So, being the entrepreneurs they were, they started selling this substance at grossly inflated prices to cover the cost of operating illegally. Soon, they had enough money to start bribing people in power. Judges, politicians, police; all bought and paid. People eventually got tired of the corruption and tried to reform. They were killed. More came. There were turf wars and body counts rose. People were being killed daily.

Sound familiar?

Am I discussing 1920s Chicago, or 2000s Mexico? The parallels are fascinating and difficult to ignore. Because, no matter the substance, prohibition creates a black market.

If you want to control an industry, it first must be legal. Then you can regulate it. However, in today’s system, we leave the regulations to Tony Montana-esque criminals. They don’t care about age restrictions, product safety, quality, or anything. As long as the status quo remains the same and doesn’t hinder business. And god help you if you live in one of these areas and try to change the status quo. You’ll be taking a dirt nap soon.

History has proven that absolute prohibition doesn’t work. Whether its alcohol, gambling, drugs, or prostitution; it doesn’t work. Period.

3- Waste of money.
You’d think that with number three being it’s a safe substance, spending even a dollar on arresting those who choose to do it is ludicrous! ( yes, I just said ludicrous.)

Don’t get me wrong. I support prevention programs. I just do not support spending money on arresting and incarcerating people. You want to do an honest DARE program? More power to ya. Just don’t spend my tax dollars to arrest me for a victimless crime. (well, in the previous example, I guess I’d be a victim.. Of the system.)

Fiscally, this is the best reasoning for ending prohibition. Forget taxes. The real money is the billions we spend every year on a failed public policy experiment. The drug war has failed. Usage has skyrocketed. The only outcome of the drug war is corrupt beneficiaries dependent on prohibition.

If we truly want to chip away at our national debt than we need to look critically at our programs and stop funding the ones that don’t work. Since prohibition has failed, it’s time to stop funding it.

Look at it like this. You own a business. You hire a guy to watch out for shoplifters, I.e. Rent a cop. Once you hire that fat bald guy, shoplifting rises 4000%! would you keep paying this guy to stop shoplifters? He obviously sucks at his job. I’d fire his ass. We need to fire the DEA.

While we’re at it stop using my tax dollars to fund bullshit programs like DARE. Until DARE vets honest about marijuana, I vehemently oppose their propaganda and brainwashing. Same goes for drugfreeworld.org and The Partnership For A Drug Free America.

2- History.

Follow the money. An age old saying that applies perfectly when it comes to cannabis laws. Who benefits? Well, let’s take a look at that. From where I’m sitting (a bench at my job enjoying a smoke and a cup of coffee) it’s seems as though the following industries benefit the most from weed being illegal:alcohol interests, Big Tobacco, private prisons, Big Pharma, DEA, pulp paper industries, Big Oil, local law enforcement, health insurance companies, and other assorted Snidley Whiplash mustachioed types. Since I don’t have time to go into each one of these in this blog I’ll only cover a couple. But you can go here to find out about the prison industry and pot.

Big Pharma. The guys that charge $200 dollars a pill. Those guys. Seriously, what’s in those pills anyway? Platinum? Anyway, they stand to lose a lot of dough when weed is legalized. Why would people pay the aforementioned amount to treat an ailment rather than grow a natural remedy for the same ailment?

And let’s talk a little about depression. It is a very real problem in America today. Several people in my life suffer from it. I bring it up because of how depression is treated. If you said pills, you’d be correct. The focus in modern psychology is now on medication. Talk therapy is still used, but most shrinks just do med checks. The pharmaceutical industry depends on these depressed folks to buy their overpriced anti-depressants. If an herb that could grow in your backyard and treat your depression, than Big Pharma stands to lose millions as people become gardeners.

But what does ganja have to do with Big Oil, you ask? Well, cannabis ruderalis, AKA hemp, can be turned into fuel. Fuel that could, like, make your car go, man. Plus, right Now, oil has a monopoly. A very lucrative one at that. America has become a nation of drivers. Would you support a law reform that kills your massive profit margins? One that would make a new corporate competitor? In their eyes, cannabis prohibition is just good business sense.

1- Racism.

Sure, we’ve all heard the old school reefer madness propaganda. Y’know, the devil weed that will make white women have sex with black men. And vice versa. I’m amazed the modern day prohibitionists haven’t dredged this classic up. Wait, no I’m not! That would be admitting that their whole movement is based on racism!

If there’s an ethnic group that uses pot you can be sure they’ve been persecuted. Blacks, Latinos, Indians; in America, we don’t like our brown tokers. Apparently, white folks love weed too! In fact, white folk love weed so much we are the number 1 race when it comes to cannabis consumption.

Yet minorities make up a larger percentage of drug related arrests. Is it racist targeting? Well, when the facts are compared, it sure does seem that way.

That’s not even mentioning the start of prohibition. Take a look into the first prohibition laws which were passed in states with high Hispanic populations. You can’t jail someone because you don’t like the amount of melatonin in their skin, but you can penalize parts of their culture. Ya see, the first marijuana laws were just an excuse to jail and deport migrant Mexicans. Stand where you will on modern immigration, but look at these laws!

So, there you have it. Five compelling reasons that the prohibition on marijuana is stupid. As Forrest Gump’s momma said, ‘Stupid is as stupid does.’ And right now, the USA is pretty stupid.

So why don’t you do something about it?

Legalize it!