I keep hearing from many people that you shouldn’t smoke pot everyday.

To which I contend; why not?

If you were in an ideal situation, why not smoke marijuana daily? Let me expound.

If you were in a place where you could grow your own stash legally, then there’s little cost associated with procuring pot. You would have to invest in the growing equipment, but the yield would justify the expense. I mean, even if you spent $400 on a grow set up, a simple yield of 2 ounces of Kush would double your investment at market price. And since you’d (hopefully) would be a savvy grower, you’d (hopefully) get a better yield. I’m thinking at least a half pound for a $400 investment. At that rate,  You’d be paying $50 dollars an ounce for some high-grade Kush. So, cost is hardly a factor, since you would be vaporizing and using less bud on top of growing it cheap.

Why not, happy-dog... why not?


Next we deal with the so called ‘health risks’. Now, as I’ve pointed out before, when you vaporize there is no cancerous properties in marijuana. There’s little wear and tear on your lungs with a vaporizer and if you’re that scared for your lungs, you can always go the edible route. And cannabis has been a historical staple of food for thousands of years, due to its high fiber content and essential nutrients. So, just eat your homegrown and you’ll be set.

Also on the subject of health, they say that stress shortens your life-span considerably. I’ve also heard from numerous sources that marijuana reduces stress, and is one of the (many) reason so many people use it. So, one could logically figure that reducing the way stress affects you would lengthen your lifespan.

As for driving, well, I don’t advocate driving high. However, I feel that I am more in danger from people texting while driving than a few baked drivers. I also feel that people who take any type of pharmaceutical should refrain from driving also, whether or not they feel like they can drive. I mean, if we set minimum limits for pot or alcohol, then why not pills? Heh, got a little off topic there… my point was this, if you ain’t got anywhere to go, why not stay high? Meaning if you were in a position to work from home and could handle your daily life high, then why not? You’re making your life longer, spending about as much money as you would on any other hobby, and just generally enjoying life.

I’m not saying that weed is for everyone, or that everyone who uses it should do it daily. I just want people to realize that those who do use it daily are often the most responsible, hardworking people out there in the world today. They don’t miss work because of hangovers, they don’t get cirrhosis, and they don’t wreck their cars. They are usually responsible adults who want to make a responsible choice. And if people choose to smoke pot daily and it helps them live their lives happily and efficiently, then who am I to judge? For that matter-

-Who is anyone to judge?

-Legalize It!-