Kansas Lawmakers have once again declined to move on medicinal marijuana in Kansas.

Despite Representative Gail Finney’s best efforts, the Health and Human Services committee chaired by Brenda Landwehr (feel free to hiss), decided to not even move Kansas House Bill 2330 into committee for hearing. This year, local cannabis activists didn’t even get a chance to plead their case and let the majority of the committee walk out on them like last year. No, citing low support and scheduling issues, Landwehr totally ignored HB 2330.

Lack of support my ass. I know of more than a few people who called her, wrote a letter, or sent an e-mail. The support was there. Whether or not it was enough to change Mrs. Landwehr’s bias, well, that’s obvious. There’s been petitions going around, numerous drug policy reform groups have led lobbying campaigns… I just don’t buy it. And one would think that with 58% of Kansans supporting MMJ the majority would be enough support in itself.

It just goes to show that the lawmakers don’t give a damn about what the people actually want. If they did, then I’d already be working in a Farm-acy.

Yeah. This is depressing. Its a step backwards for Kansas, although I’m not at all surprised. Its the way the state is headed.

I’m glad I’m leaving before it gets all the way to where it’s going.

I advocate a mass exodus. Who’s with me?

-Legalize It!-