It’s been a year since I started this blog. Now, its 60 some odd posts later and I’ve had my articles read by people all across the globe. So, first off, thanks to all of ya who ‘shared’ my pieces. Thanks for all the positive feedback, and thanks for your (implied) future readership. Special thanks to Kyle Norton for helping me hook up the new features and being my ‘on-call webmaster’. Thanks for any action that you might’ve taken in the past year, whether it be writing a congressman, or just being vocal about pot. I sincerely thank you.

The Practical Toker: Still tokin' strong...

I figured after a year of this, that I’ve shown a little dedication to this thing called my blog. I’ve enjoyed writing it and even though life gets in the way of daily posting, I still consider it one of my jobs. Will I ever make money at it? I hope so, someday. At the moment, I’m just content to be spreading a message.

Anyway, since I’ve shown myself that I have this level of dedication to this project, that I needed to make a few changes. So, I did. First off, I went ahead and got me one of those new fangled .com thingies. You can now find me directly at http://www.practicaltoker.com! I know, not that big a deal, but it’s easier to promote without all the .blogspot or .wordpress. Just looks more professional, am I right?

Secondly, I’ve moved my blog from Blogger’s service. Not to dis Blogger or nothin’, but WordPress is easier to use and it’s what we use for JoCoNORML’s website, so its familiar to me. Plus, the fact that I can add pages was another attractive option.

So, new address, new host… time to ramp this shit to 12 and ‘Shake and Bake’!

Thanks again, ya’all. You rock.

-Legalize It!-