So, I don’t know if you’re aware of it, but there’s a poll on the right side of the screen. I plan on changing it whenever it gets to a predetermined amount of  votes or a predetermined time frame, and then digressing on what I’ve found.   Our first poll on the new site was a simple question;

Why do you support cannabis law reform?

-It’s my right.
-It’s my medicine.
-Prohibition is wasteful and ineffective.
-It’s a plant.
-All of the above

So, which one do you think came out on top? In my eyes, it seems pretty obvious, but in retrospect that’s only to me with my views and opinions. I would guess, and be correct when I say that the old catch all, ‘all of the above’ would win the poll. In my opinion, all of those statements are true.

I want a ballot that includes 'maybe'...

However, for a cannabis reform activist who doesn’t imbibe, then all of the above couldn’t be true. Or, if you were a totally recreational smoker, then the whole medicine thing would make last statement a fallacy. I delve into this, because I was quite surprised to see that all of the other options got votes. Not in any significant number, but they did get votes.

Here’s the breakdown:

-It’s my right (10%)
-It’s my medicine (5%)
-Prohibition is wasteful and ineffective. (10%)
-Its a plant (15%)
-All of the above (60%)

We can deduce from this poll that a good percentage of readers (65%) are medical users. We can also logically assume that 70% of readers believe that their rights are being trampled by the government. Also, that 70% of my readers think the drug war is a waste of money.

These polls are fascinating. I love to find out stuff like this. I think that it helps bring the legalizaiton community closer when we can see where we are all alike. We just need to center on the things we have in common, not the differences. If people did that in general, the world would be a less screwed up place.

Yeah, before you StumbleOn, or Digg something else, take a minute and contribute to the general well being and discourse of the cannabis community and vote in the poll.

Get yer practice in for November.

-Legalize It!-