>So, another day, another attempt at changing the world. At least, another blog that no one will read containing my manic ramblings. Anyway, all pity parties aside, it’s just two short months until the election. Two more months for activists to get the word out about our holy herb.

In others news, The first ever ad for a medical marijuana dispensary aired. The 30-second ad, for Sacramento, Calif. Medical marijuana dispensary “CannaCare,” didn’t show images of pot or even use the word “marijuana.” Instead, it showed a series of brief testimonials on the benefits of medical marijuana, referring to marijuana as “cannabis.” (from the linked news story) So, one can infer from this.

Prop 19 aside, medical marijuana is now garnering mainstream support. If we want to legitamize cannabis as a medicine, then why aren’t we airing ads for it? Big Pharma spends millions bombarding the masses with ads that promise to cure all of your ills, with only a few side effects. (Following are the list of side effects for Xanax, a commonly perscribed drug to help fight anxiety: Changes in appetite, changes in sexual desire, constipation, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth, increased saliva production, lightheadedness, tiredness, trouble concentrating, unsteadiness, and weight changes.) As all good followers of my blog know, the only side effects of cannabis is munchies. Okay, there are others, BUT IT’S GETTING HIGH! Most of cannabis’ side effects are similiar to those of Xanax, but you know its going to happen going in. Its not hit or miss like with pharmaceuticals.

Next on our list, a study by McGill University in Montreal indicates that smoked cannabis has a therapeutic value. The key word there is ‘smoked’. Take that, all you Prop 215 haters who say smoking is not a valid medication delivery avenue! Apparently, they did a double blind placebo test and found that “[H]erbal cannabis … significantly reduced average pain scores compared with … cannabis placebo in adult participants. … We found significant improvement in measures of sleep quality and anxiety. … Our results support the claim that smoked cannabis reduces pain, improves mood, and helps sleep.” Yet another study that proves marijuana’s value as a medicine! So, why haven’t lawmakers downgraded cannabis to a less restrictive schedule? How many studies are needed?!

Moving on… The ‘Prince of Pot’, Marc Emery is still imprisoned at Seattle’s SeaTAC. September 18th, 2010 is slated for The International Free Marc Emery Rally. Go to here or here to find out if your city is particpating. If not, why don’t you go grab a friend, blaze a doob, and hang out on a streetcorner with a ‘Free Marc Emery’ sign. You were just gonna sit there and play video games, anyway! Do your part, yo. Marc has done a buttload for our movement, and we owe it to him. I will be at KC HempFest, but we’re going to hang a sign also.
Marc is being sentenced on the 10th, and will find out if the government will put his agreed upon plea into effect.

So, yeah. That’s all I got for now. Keep readin’ and spreadin’ the word!

Legalize it!