Yeah, I know. I need new shoes...

While I was out today, a shoe salesman (who is aware of my activities) showed me a pair of Toms shoes. He knows of me and my activities as a marijuana activist, and also knows I’m not one to spend more than 30 dollars on non skate shoes. He also could see my tore to crap Vans which I live, work and skate in. So, I do need shoes, but was a little baffled as to why he was actually trying to sell me a pair.

Until he told me that they were hemp.

At that point, I decided that I do want a pair of hempen shoes. Why not? As a cannabis activist, I should be wearing nothing but hemp! Except for the fact that it’s expensive as hell. The manager of that department came over and asked me if I would floss those shoes, despite not being skate shoes. I said yes.

I told him about the durability of hemp. I made him aware of Henry Ford’s hemp car and informed him of the miracle of hemp-crete. I figure that the sole of a shoe gets the most wear and tear and so a hemp one would last longer, withstand more mileage, and just generally be more comfortable.

I made it very clear that I support hemp as a viable manufacturing material. I think hemp could save our floundering independent farmers as well as let the US compete in a global market. Did you know that we import all our hemp?

Now, can anyone tell me why?

-Legalize It!-