(Originally published in The Phoenix New Times; Week of November 28, 2002 .


Pot Shot

Practical toker: The problem with marijuana is that there is a fine line between use and abuse. Abuse is when it impairs your everyday life. I am not like that.

I am a “secret” pot smoker. I do not smoke every day, but, about once a month, I feel the need to smoke. This in no way impairs my life, therefore I feel like I am not addicted to it, like I am to cigarettes. I could take weed or leave it, and numerous times I have chosen the latter. I know my limits and try not to exceed them. My point is this: I live a happy, healthy, productive life, in spite of my infrequent marijuana use. Just because you smoke pot does not mean you cannot live a productive life. Thank you for bringing the fact that is already known to stoners to the mainstream! (If published, please do not use my name, for the sake of my job.)

Name withheld by request